Did you know there is more to eyesight than “20/20” vision?

1 in 10 children have a vision problem that is severe enough to affect their learning and school performance. School vision screenings are a great start. However, due to time constraints, they can miss 50% of these problems.  A comprehensive eye exam checks all aspects of eye health, vision and visual skills. This can ensure you or your child is not struggling with an undiagnosed vision problem. Vision therapy is a progressive program of vision procedures individualized to fit the visual needs of each patient. If you or your child suffer from any of the following signs or symptoms listed below a vision therapy evaluation may be beneficial: 

Children with visual issues:

  • Eye-turn
  • Squinting/rubbing/blinking of eyes
  • Avoidance of near work 
  • Loss of place while reading
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Difficulty copying from the board   

TBI/Post Concussion Patients:

  • Intermittent blurred vision 
  • Double Vision
  • Headaches
  • Loss of place while reading
  • Difficulty switching focus
  • Bothered by busy visual environments

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